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San Domenico Forlì Museums

The museums of San Domenico are located in Forlì, in the renovated complex where once there was a Dominican convent dating back to the 13th century.

Inside the complex is the convent refectory with sixteenth-century frescoes attributed to Girolamo Ugolini. On the north-east wall the fresco is divided into three parts divided by architectural elements with the Crucifixion in the center, on the left the appearance of Saints Peter and Paul at San Domenico and on the right still San Domenico that resuscitates the young Napoleon Orsini fallen from his horse . On the south-west wall is represented the table of San Domenico with the miracles of the loaves. The latter fresco is seriously damaged by the military in the Napoleonic period.

The complex consists of five buildings: Palazzo Pasquali, church of San Giacomo Apostolo, Convent of the Dominicans, Convent of the Augustinians and Sala Santa Caterina.

Inside the Civic Art Gallery of Forlì is housed. It is also home to temporary exhibitions.

The 2018 exhibition "The eternal and the time between Michelangelo and Caravaggio" was awarded the prestigious "Fifth Global Fine Art Award" in the category "Best Renaissance, Baroque, Old Masters, Dynasties - Group or Theme"