Let yourself be lulled

The Old Classe Harbor

The birth of the Archaeological Park has given new life to the “Antico Porto di Classe”, the first stop on the park's tour. Founded by the Roman emperor Augustus, flourishing in the era of the empire, of Theodoric and of the Byzantine dominion, when Ravenna and Classe reached their political and economic apogee.

The course, which covers an area of approximately 10,000 square meters, proposes places daily frequented by those who worked in the warehouses or arrived by sea, docking at the port, immersing visitors in the archaeological excavation.

The visit begins at the Visitor Center, which hosts the "arena", a multimedia room where visitors can be introduced to the historical-geographical context, through multi-wall and floor projections. Then continue along the open-air path, developed around the harbor warehouses and the paved road that crosses the area: here are 10 illustrative panels with textual and iconographic insights, and 5 glass perspective slabs that reconstruct architectural elements no longer present.